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The Next Chapter

Rob Murgatroyd

#009: How to Find True Happiness with Adam Leipzig

From his years at Yale surrounded by privilege and prestige, Adam Leipzig has discovered that lasting happiness felt in life cannot be bought. He has shared this insight with others through a Ted Talk viewed over 15 million times - reminding us to choose our path...

#008: Utilize Your Crystallized Intelligence to Your Advantage

Navigating the Next Chapter of life is an exciting opportunity to explore your strengths and create a path that you are passionate about. As you enter your Next Chapter, the choice has to be made to continue utilizing your fluid intelligence or make the conscious...

#007: Trusting Your Gut with Christopher Korey

Christopher Korey is living proof that by listening to the universe and following your gut, you can ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. After gaining traction with his fashion in his real estate dealings in NYC and starting an account on Instagram, Christopher had...


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