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The Next Chapter

Rob Murgatroyd

#015: Mid-Life Mastery with Bradley Richardson

I couldn't help but think about how we are often told that by a certain age, we're supposed to have our lives figured out. But the reality is, life is messy and unexpected. Sometimes, even though the majority of our life is on track, there's still one aspect that...

#014: Leaving Behind Unwanted Baggage in Your Next Chapter

Do you want to leave behind unwanted baggage that's holding you back from living your best life in your next chapter? Of course you do! I'm sharing three practical handles to help you distinguish between the non-negotiables and the baggage that should be left behind....

#012: Revealing What Truly Brings You Fulfillment

I was at a crossroads. Retired, starting my own businesses, but not truly living the post-career dream I expected. I wasn't doing the things that I genuinely enjoyed. This is when I started to wrestle with the concept, "when is enough, enough?" Throughout this...

#011: Fighting for My Dream Life – My Interview with Chris Harder

I have been sharing the story of Kim and my journey into our next chapter on this podcast, bits and pieces spread between various episodes. However, I recently had the opportunity to share my story in depth while being interviewed by my friend Chris Harder for his...


I believe you should do more of the things you love to do and less of the things you don’t. Our podcast, mastermind, and courses are created to help you live your dream life. Whether you know you were made for more or love what you do, I’ll help you create more work-life balance.

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