#005: Setting Yourself Up For Financial Success in Your Next Chapter with Bridgette Boucha

Jan 3, 2023 | Next Chapter, Podcast

Today, I welcome our first guest on the Next Chapter podcast, Bridgette Boucha. I spent significant time in thought about who to bring on as my first guest and Bridgette came to the top of my list because of the significant impact that she’s had on many of her previous clients and her in-depth knowledge of finances and strategies to succeed financially in your next chapter.

Bridgette has her CPA license and extensive experience working in corporate roles but feels that she has gotten the most out of life since she began her own entrepreneurial journey. She found that the path to her next chapter was full of curiosity, self-discovery, and resilience, and shaped her into the person she is today. I value her input on this topic as she has successfully transitioned to her next chapter and knows what it takes to make it a success.

Bridgette will share some specific advice on these topics when moving toward your next chapter:

  1. How, and why, to shrug off external validation to allow you to freely move into your next chapter
  2. How your current assets can be used to help you thrive in your next chapter
  3. How to create quick momentum to keep you moving forward
  4. How to optimize and protect your most important resources (time, people, money, and energy)


Connect with Bridgette Online: https://www.bridgetteboucha.com/

Find Bridgette on IG: @bridgetteboucha


Work One-on-One with Rob Here: https://nextchaptershow.com/coaching/

Connect with Rob on Instagram: @Rob Murgatroyd

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