#008: Utilize Your Crystallized Intelligence to Your Advantage

Jan 24, 2023 | Next Chapter, Podcast

Navigating the Next Chapter of life is an exciting opportunity to explore your strengths and create a path that you are passionate about. As you enter your Next Chapter, the choice has to be made to continue utilizing your fluid intelligence or make the conscious effort to change to utilizing your crystallized intelligence.

In your younger years, prior to age 30, fluid intelligence reigns supreme: it allows you to think flexibly, solve new problems and be creative. However, around age 30, crystalized intelligence begins to take precedence – using a stock of knowledge that you have used in the past. This means instead of relying on innovation as much as before, you utilize your bank of knowledge to make decisions.

These decision-making frameworks are important as you move into your next chapter and will help guide you toward your correct path. I strongly recommend reading From Strength to Strength by Arthur Brooks to help you more deeply understand this concept as you work toward your next chapter.

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