#009: How to Find True Happiness with Adam Leipzig

Jan 31, 2023 | Next Chapter, Podcast

From his years at Yale surrounded by privilege and prestige, Adam Leipzig has discovered that lasting happiness felt in life cannot be bought. He has shared this insight with others through a Ted Talk viewed over 15 million times – reminding us to choose our path based on the relationships it will build for ourselves and those around us. Money can offer comfort, but what truly matters most is creating something meaningful that we’re passionate about.

When stepping into your next chapter, it is essential that you make decisions that will fulfill you emotionally. The decisions you make today have the ability to lead to long-term joy on your unique path. Tune in to hear Adam’s perspective on being in tune with your emotions and how he approaches decision-making in his own life which has led him to both success and fulfillment.


Adams TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVsXO9brK7M

Media U Website: https://www.mediau.com/

Media U – Marketing and Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers: https://www.mediau.com/the-independent-movie-marketing-and-distribution-roadmap-premium-start/


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