#011: Fighting for My Dream Life – My Interview with Chris Harder

Feb 14, 2023 | Next Chapter, Podcast

I have been sharing the story of Kim and my journey into our next chapter on this podcast, bits and pieces spread between various episodes. However, I recently had the opportunity to share my story in depth while being interviewed by my friend Chris Harder for his podcast. I feel that the way Chris structured the interview and crafted his questions allowed me to express my story in a relatable and clear manner.

Since the release of the episode, I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. I wanted to share this with my listeners as it is the epitome of what I hope to achieve through this podcast – to create a deeper connection and understanding with my audience. I hope this episode will help you better understand my vision to help others reach their next chapter.


This is a repost of my interview with Chris on The Chris Harder Show EP.730

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