#013: Navigating Your Next Chapter Without a Loved One with Adele Wang

Feb 28, 2023 | Next Chapter, Podcast

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you know the indescribable grief and pain that accompanies loss. Adele Wang has 17 years of experience supporting thousands of purpose-driven individuals around the world. She’s sharing her own story of grief and how she has navigated the sudden loss of her husband.

Adele is adamant that grieving is not something that should be done alone. When you’re grieving, you need community to guide and support you through this difficult process. She’s also speaking candidly about heartbreak and the importance of allowing yourself to fully feel and process the emotions that come with such a loss. Through this process, there is a natural movement towards something else, a new phase in life.

Moving into your next chapter without a loved one is difficult to say the least. Join us as Adele walks through her journey and shares wisdom on how to navigate the process. Her insight and guidance will be sure to help anyone who is going through a similar experience.

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