063: Natalie Ellis | Becoming Boss Babe: Discovering Passion, Patience, and Trying It All

Sep 17, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast

Today my guest is the determined and fun Natalie Ellis, co-founder + CEO of Boss Babe, joins us on the podcast. Natalie is a serial-entrepreneur, with a passion to help women expand their confidence in order to develop, build, and run successful businesses. I personally wanted Natalie on the podcast not only because of her love for entrepreneurship, but because she lives her play hard lifestyle like no other. We dive deep into Natalie’s childhood, seeing the direct correlation between how she grew up to who she grew to become.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:50] What is was like growing up in England
  • [7:30] 6 year old Natalie starting a candy floss business
  • [9:05] Natalie building websites at age 13
  • [16:55] Deciding to travel for 3 years + what that looked like
  • [21:26] Oh My Glow – how it started
  • [24:41] Instagram tips for businesses starting out
  • [29:22] What Boss Babe us + how Natalie got on board
  • [31:20] Ways to avoid distractions in business
  • [38:32] Using manifestation to create what Natalie wants
  • [42:50] Advice on improving money mindset
  • [43:58] How Natalie faked being a reporter in order to meet Richard Branson
  • [49:06] Play hard with Natalie
  • [56:51] Natalie asks me for my tips on playing hard


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