073: Tracy O’Malley | Queen of Tough Love + Transformation

Oct 22, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast

Tracy O’Malley joins me on the show today! Tracy is the author of Grace, Grit, Guts, an entrepreneur, and transformative coach creating life changing moments for her clients. I wanted to have Tracy on the show for so many reasons, but mainly her incredible ability to cut through the BS and get straight to the matter at hand. We cover a range of topics today from forming a million dollar business, all the way to alcoholism.

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In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [7:54] Having an alcoholic father + how that shaped her views
  • [14:10] The need to control from youth
  • [18:37] Growing up with the identity of an Irish girl
  • [22:15] Attending her first AA meeting
  • [26:00] Processing her father’s passing
  • [29:40] Teachers that have impacted Tracy’s growth
  • [32:51] Limiting beliefs, habits, and tools that Tracy has
  • [37:07] Things that Tracy does differently
  • [44:11] Play Hard with Tracy O’Malley
  • [51:36] Rapid Fire with Tracy


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