075: Cayla Craft | The Secrets To Becoming Mommy Millionaire: From Employee To Entrepreneur

Oct 29, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast

Today I am joined by Cayla Craft, success coach and the voice behind the Mommy Millionaire podcast. I wanted to have Cayla on the show because she has figured out how to help mom’s become millionaires. In Cayla’s podcast, Mommy Millionaire, she is devoted to helping women and moms alike go from good to great through tips and business know-how. In this episode we go deep into the struggles that moms have, and ways that they can overcome them in order to explode both their personal life and their business.

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In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [5:45] Growing up in Bakersfield, CA
  • [10:00] Being able to now talk about her pain
  • [11:33] Wanting to be a nurse + why
  • [13:15] Deciding to leave her career
  • [14:45] The contrast between entrepreneurship + her nursing career
  • [16:44] Key ingredients for a mom to step into her power
  • [18:40] What budding mommy millionaires pay too much + too little attention to
  • [20:43] What women should stop doing altogether
  • [22:15] What helped Cayla when she wasn’t having peak confidence
  • [24:53] Ways Cayla is using energy
  • [26:54] Why it’s hard to build a life by design
  • [28:13] Cayla’s upcoming event
  • [31:25] Play Hard with Cayla
  • [39:53] Rapid fire


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