086: Whoop Follow-Up | Fri-Date

Dec 7, 2018 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Whoop Follow-Up


Today Kim and I are talking all about our Whoop’s and what we have learned so far from this awesome device. For those of you that don’t know what The Whoop is, it’s an analytic device goes on your wrist to track and calculate so many different things throughout your day, and in your workouts. Give a listen to episode 76where we first introduced our Whoop’s, and to join our Whoop Group. (Hashtag #workhardplayhardwhoop on Instagram.)

In today’s episode, you will learn…

  1. What the Whoop is + how it works
  2. How our sleep has improved
  3. What we’ve limited + changed
  4. The Chili Pad: what it is + how it’s helped us

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