091: Caspar Craven | Putting Family First In Business

Dec 24, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast


Today I am joined by Caspar Craven, a speaker, adventurer, and author of Where The Magic Happens. Caspar has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 14, where he has done everything from crabbing to building teams for top companies. I wanted to have Caspar on the show because he did something I have never heard of anyone else doing: he took a two year trip around the world to sail with his wife and three young children. Today, Caspar and I talk about his upbringing and what he learned in his youth, growing his relationship with his wife through a shared narrative, and how this incredible trip has changed his family.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [4:50] Where Caspar grew up + what it was like
  • [7:06] His entrepreneurial spirit
  • [8:55] Going to college
  • [10:43] His children’s names
  • [11:42] Hearing about a family traveling around the world
  • [15:34] Deep listening exercise
  • [18:36] Creating a business around family first
  • [22:55] Managing anxiety around his business
  • [27:45] What key positions made sure everything operated properly
  • [28:30] His mission statement
  • [31:06] The book that changed everything
  • [33:01] Ship-doctoring
  • [36:10] Caspar and his wife’s relationship
  • [39:08] Day to day life at sea
  • [43:25] Tapping into parts of himself he didn’t know existed
  • [45:36] How this trip impacted the rest of the family
  • [49:50] The play in Caspar’s life
  • [55:27] Rapid fire

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