113: Bill Glaser | Learning + Growing From Your Experiences

Feb 18, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [1:45] Growing up in New York and being bullied
  • [6:02] Overcoming fears
  • [9:40] Where Bill’s entrepreneurial drive came from
  • [12:47] His architecture background and how it helps him now
  • [15:01] Quitting his job after the first day
  • [20:30] Making $1 million selling flags, but losing it all
  • [26:24] The steps that brought him to his new ways of thinking
  • [31:03] Why Bill decided to start a business in food
  • [36:36] The marketing strategy for Outstanding Foods
  • [40:23] Raising his daughter + maintaining balance
  • [49:14] Rapid fire with Bill


Today on the podcast I am joined by Bill Glaser! Bill is the CEO of a new startup company, Outstanding Foods, as well as an entrepreneur, and investor. In this episode, Bill shares how much his mindset on money and success has changed over the years, overcoming deep-rooted fears, and his reasoning behind starting a company in the food industry. I loved this conversation with Bill because he’s totally changed the way he looks at success, and he’s a guy I think we all could really learn from.
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