118: Michael Gelb | Culture, Guidance, and Thinking Like Leonardo da Vinci

Mar 4, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Today I have Michael Gelb joining me on the podcast! Michael is is an author and keynote speaker specializing in creativity and innovation. He is the founder and president of The High Performance Learning Center, a firm specializing in consulting and training for organizations interested in developing more innovative cultures. I wanted to have Michael on the podcast because he is a shining example of how to live a life of fulfilment. This conversation is sure to inspire you to go after all that fulfills you!

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [4:46] Growing up in New Jersey
  • [7:42] Why he chose to get his masters in psychophysical re-education
  • [12:52] Mirror writing + the fascination behind Leonardo da Vinci
  • [16:10] Strategies to unlock your creative energy
  • [18:07] The importance of journaling + writer’s block
  • [21:34] What the most common response is from readers of Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
  • [30:13] How his book ended up in the movie, The Italian Job
  • [32:27] What stands out to Michael most when in Italy
  • [33:43] The difference between his books
  • [36:55] Michael’s love for wine culture
  • [45:43] Rapid fire with Michael Gelb

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