121: Kareen Walsh | Leading with Value

Mar 11, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Today Kareen Walsh joins me on the podcast! She is the CEO and Founder of Revampologist, and as an entrepreneur, executive coach, author, and podcaster, Kareen strives to help each individual and business she works with up-level and achieve their desired outcomes by leveraging the strategies, methods, and communication skills of top performers in the industry. I wanted to have Kareen on the show because she is one of the fastest business minds I know, and she thinks so strategically.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [1:20] Where she got her name from
  • [3:15] Growing up in the Lebanese culture
  • [7:43] What she wanted to be as a child
  • [11:26] How she helps her clients
  • [19:09] Hiding behind work and achievement
  • [21:10] Fear around success
  • [26:46] Breaking clients out of the story
  • [29:39] Kareen’s definition of a badass
  • [30:53] Being more in her masculine
  • [36:50] Loving Italy + strategies for more human connection
  • [40:48] Rapid Fire with Kareen Walsh

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