127: Karin Luise | Making Room For Transformation

Mar 25, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Dr. Karin Luise joins me on today’s episode! Dr. Karin is an award-winning author and sought after Transformational Coach, speaker, and TV show host. She helps individuals find freedom and power on their soul’s pathway by firing up alignment, authenticity and passion. I wanted her on the podcast today because of how much she’s overcome in her life, and how she is now on the other side of it all, helping others do the same.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [1:16] How her childhood has affected her into adulthood
  • [4:38] Finding her way out of depression
  • [6:25] Advice for the dad’s listening
  • [10:25] Lessons in marriage and infidelity
  • [15:04] How Karin taps into her intuition + teaches others
  • [17:50] Getting through her first divorce
  • [22:07] The illusion of marrying a professional athlete
  • [26:05] Motivation to further her education
  • [29:11] Going from Evangelical to Burning Man
  • [33:19] Learning German and Karin’s love for islands
  • [35:21] Rapid Fire with Karin Luise

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