130: Evan Tardy | Scaling Massive Growth + Generating MILLIONS In Private Equity

Apr 1, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Today I am joined by Evan Tardy! Evan Tardy is the Chief Digital Officer of draxe.com, where he scaled growth for the company from the start. He was responsible for generating over $90M in direct revenue for the company, on top of being a guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University, and a startup advisor. I wanted to have Evan on the show because Evan is a master at scaling businesses and growth tactics. This episode is incredible, and will provide SO much value to your business, no matter the size.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [5:33] Growing up in Texas and the first business he started in his teens
  • [11:41] Helping a dentist market his business
  • [15:16] Moving to Nashville and becoming part of Dr. Axe’s vision
  • [20:47] Being responsible for millions of dollars in revenue + how Evan got there
  • [23:40] What products and programs Dr. Axe offers + where the company is now
  • [30:04] Visionaries and Integrators in business partnerships
  • [35:10] The importance of culture within a company
  • [37:52] Evan’s daily practices that help him perform better + being present
  • [50:58] Rapid Fire with Evan Tardy

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