133: Preston Smiles | How Happiness In Your Business Creates REAL Success

Apr 8, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


My guest today is Preston Smiles, a personal freedom and success coach, as well as an author and international speaker. Preston has found a way to create an extremely successful business, be himself, and be contagiously happy. His mission is to be whoever he needs to be so that we all realize the unprecedented miracle that we all are and step into our greatness. This interview completely blew me away, and I know it’ll blow you away, too.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [6:13] Preston Davis meets Preston Smiles
  • [7:58] Growing up in Compton in the 80’s + joining a gang
  • [17:53] Learning to not fix his partner’s problems
  • [22:26] How Preston met his wife (while he was on a date with someone else)
  • [27:04] Navigating family life with work life
  • [33:25] Recommendations for those ready to dip into the self-development world
  • [39:48] The hugging exercise that Preston teaches
  • [43:34] Preston’s practices that are consistent in his life + reasonless joy
  • [50:44] Rapid Fire with Preston Smiles

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