139: Christin Henke | SEX + Leading A Fulfilled Life

Apr 29, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Christin Henke, sex-positive writer, speaker, and creator of The Nothing Confidential, joins me on today’s episode. It is Christin’s mission to help women destigmatize and own their sexuality, and get what they really want in bed. I wanted to have Christin on the show because sex is a significant part of leading a fulfilling life, and Christin makes the topic not feel so taboo.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [5:49] Growing up in the south + what she learned from living in a small town with a big family
  • [8:49] Why Christin started to be interested in the topic of sex
  • [12:20] Switching gears into the world of sex
  • [16:19] The general misconceptions about sex
  • [17:58] Threesomes + Christin’s thoughts on them
  • [25:22] Where fantasies come from + why people do and don’t like them
  • [29:09] How to address routine sex
  • [33:01] How traveling around the world plays a part in Christin’s sex life
  • [37:33] Being open in a relationships + the idea behind “just sex”
  • [42:17] Mastrubation
  • [44:56] Daily practices that Christin uses + believes others should try
  • [47:22] Favorite travel places that Christin has gone to, and what it’s like with the idea of coming back to the U.S. after months of living abroad
  • [53:21] Rapid fire with Christin

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