143: Kevin Flike | Living Life FULL Out After Deployment

May 13, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Today I am sitting down with Kevin Flike, Green Beret, Harvard and MIT alum, public speaker, author, and Green Beret Foundation Board Member. I wanted to have Kevin on the show today because he’s an incredible example of someone who decided he was going to fully play out and live his life the way he wanted. I was privileged enough to have Kevin as a guest speaker for my mastermind, and he inspired every single person in the room. In this episode, we discuss the huge decision that he made while in rehab due to being severely shot in the line of duty. If you’re looking for inspiration, this episode is the one to hear!

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [5:48] Learning from his father being a serial entrepreneur
  • [8:44] Deciding to enlist in the Army
  • [12:26] What Kevin felt like when he learned he was going to be deployed
  • [21:01] Being a part of a brotherhood + showing up for his team
  • [23:07] The intensity of Kevin’s second deployment
  • [28:09] Thinking he was in his last minutes on Earth
  • [34:47] Learning new cultures and what he picked up from his deployments
  • [40:50] Mindset shifts that Kevin has made since being home
  • [45:54] Rapid fire with Kevin

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