152: How to become the best version of yourself | with Frank Canace

Jun 17, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast

Frank Canace simultaneously worked as a police officer by night and defense attorney by day, giving him a unique perspective of both sides of the Constitution. In my conversation with Frank, we discover how he considered both jobs to be a “labor of love”  and the lessons he learned from these professions help him in his current career of life coach. His is an amazing story.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • How Frank’s 20 years in the Connecticut police force taught him more about himself than anything else he experienced.
  • Misconceptions the public has about police officers.
  • That police are negotiators and crisis managers.
  • How Frank learned to talk to people, those who are at the lowest point of their lives.
  • Learning from other police and situations.
  • What effect Frank’s parents had on his career decisions.
  • Frank’s belief that we shouldn’t take the law into out our own hands (and an example of when he backed himself on this and the associated pain this caused him.)
  • How body posture on callouts help convince people that you’re in charge…and also yourself. How you can coach yourself into confidence.
  • Finding out people’s story and then helping them using that information.
  • Being a human being while a police officer.
  • “The science of getting rich” and Frank’s subsequent book based on that knowledge.
  • How Frank uses this knowledge as a lifestyle coach.
  • The importance of your thoughts.
  • Telling yourself you deserve stuff.
  • Use visualisation and meditation.
  • Learning from Wyatt Earp prior to becoming a police officer.
  • Finding the inside inspiration to help you stay grounded.
  • Being a human being
  • The science of getting rich
  • The importance of your thoughts
  • Becoming a better version of yourself


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