153: Fri-Date | Time Management with Children

Jun 21, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Time Management with Children


Today Kim and I talk about being married with a young child. We have an angel of a child who seems to take more of our time as she grows. The things we talk about in this episode can be applied to anyone who has kids, or are planning having children or, as Kim says, even those without children can learn from our experiences.

My challenge is as follows, every morning I am woken by my daughter and we create a story on what we dreamed about and we need to follow this morning routine. Every evening she demands more of my time. As Kim points out, she and I are peas in a pod. I pass on my love of a routine to her. Listen up and you’ll hear the psychological to and fros that occur in our household and learn as Kim points to it being a time management problem.

In today’s episode you will learn…

  • How my daughter and I both survive on routines.
  • Learn how I play “double dutch” with my daughter for Kim’s attention.
  • I have to have a flow when I talk. Interrupted, I’m in trouble!
  • How this podcast is therapy for me!
  • How Kim settles everything with her sage views on it being a time quality problem.
  • Sophia now wants to spend as much time with her Dad as her Mom, which wasn’t always the case. Sophia loves games, loves people
  • How I deal with the fact that my mornings and evenings aren’t my time/our time any longer. It’s family time.
  • How the difficulty as an entrepreneur to not be able to use this time to flesh out ideas. This is difficult when there’s a child who demands attention.
  • Switching from entrepreneur mode to Dad mode is, for me, difficult.
  • Being female means doing this all day, says Kim. Making time for everything is the priority.
  • Kim says it’s important to be intentional about making time together.

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