155: Fri-Date | Taking the long view of success

Jun 28, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Building success, often over a long time, is the key to achievement.

If you climb a mountain you begin at the bottom, right? Then when you reach the peak, you know you’ve earned it. You can reap the rewards. However, that can take time. Today Kim and I talk about the effort you need to make to start any entrepreneurial journey and to understand that you need to gradually build your platform for success.

As Kim says, you need to pick the lane, the niche, that you want to be known for to start. Then branch out as necessary, move into associated areas. Kim says this isn’t always the case with people she sees, they tend to be scattered rather than focused.

I talk about listening to your intuition. The story about the fire chief understanding when an evacuation is needed immediately is a case in point. It’s when something doesn’t feel right. We all have this and need to listen to it. It’s a survival mechanism.

People often look at successful entrepreneurs and think if they copy them, they too will have success. What they don’t see is the often years of intuition built up through experience that someone needs to have to make those right decisions.

It’s about the hard work that goes into building the success, climbing the mountain. Over time we developed deep relationships with people. I talk about the importance of not judging every moment, of letting it be. As Kim says, look at the wider view, the foundations that have been laid in a project for a successful future.

So, don’t judge the moment, she adds. Trust your thought, trust your intuition. Keep going, don’t let fear stop you. 

Sometimes the bigger the success, the longer the journey. Good luck!


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