163: Fri-Date | Don’t be a leg-humper

Jul 26, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Leg-humping

Today’s episode is inspired by a post from our friend, Chris Harder. He coined the term ‘leg-humping’ to describe people who are trying to climb the social marketing online business ladder.

You can apply it to anything. When someone comes into a business or some sort of group or environment, you can always tell the person that’s trying to find out who there can help them the most, the person who is going to make them look better. They’re thinking, If I just get that person to do an IG takeover, then I’ll skyrocket, or, if I can just get that person to take a picture with me and I can post it, it’s going to catapult me into the universe.

if you really want to up level your tribe, you have to do it in an authentic way, provide value and create real relationships. Practice what we call sensory acuity, using your senses to see if what you’re saying or doing with someone is landing. And don’t gossip because we can’t connect with somebody that we can’t trust.


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