168: Chris Goodman | How Two Squirrels Changed His Life

Aug 12, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Chris Goodman was at law school and working a job in corporate litigation when he found himself yelling at two squirrels in his backyard. He was sitting at home trying to study contract law when the squirrels started doing what squirrels do, running around and making a lot of noise. Chris screamed at them then had one of those reckoning moments – how did he get so stressed that he was yelling at squirrels? He started paying attention to how much stress he was experiencing and realized that the reasons he was staying in law school were not good reasons. So ultimately he decided to quit and find more fulfilment in his life. Real estate looked fun so he picked up a license and quickly became one of the top buyers’ agents in the country, earned Rookie of the Year, help build a million-dollar team and coached three more agents to become Rookie of the Year. In 2017 Chris took his passion for coaching into his own business and today he’s an entrepreneur, consultant and coach for business owners who want to become their best. He specializes in leadership, sales, training, team building, mindset coaching and creating a life and business that offers true freedom.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [5:58] What Chris loved and didn’t love about growing up in southern Indiana
  • [8:01] Why Chris became a lawyer 
  • [11:31] What advice Chris would give to people at the beginning of their working lives
  • [16:07] Learning how to dial into your heart when making decisions
  • [22:09] How Chris found success in real estate
  • [23:49] The role of a coach
  • [27:28] What makes a good coach
  • [40:41] Chris’s biggest personal challenge – his divorce – and what he learnt from it

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