169: Fri-Date | Ego Is Not Yo Amigo

Aug 16, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Network marketing

Since we’re traveling around Europe for four months, we’re getting a lot of ‘it must be nice’ comments. But five years ago we were working twice as hard for half the money. We were living in a dark apartment and we were struggling to figure out what our future was. As Kim says, it’s not ‘must be nice’. It’s ‘we created this bitch’.

A big portion of the income that is allowing us to travel is income that we’ve created in the world of network marketing. We’re not trying to sell anybody on network marketing. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. But this subject has come up a lot because of our travels so we thought we would dedicate this show to answering some commonly asked questions about network marketing. 

How did we get started in network marketing? After we had our daughter, Sophia, Kim had planned to take six weeks off, then hire a nanny and go back to managing my chiropractic clinic. But as soon as I put Sophia in her arms she realized she didn’t want to do that. A lot of our friends had networking marketing businesses and were using it to create financial freedom or just extra income so Kim decided to try it for herself. 

Kim just had somebody reach out and ask her, how could they really make sure they were successful in network marketing? And the answer is super simple. If you go half in, you’re going to get a half result. If you go all in, you’re going to get the total result. But you have to know that this is not a quick fix or an overnight success.

Some of the beliefs and practices that have helped Kim be successful with network marketing are:

  • Understanding It can be done – we had seen our friends be successful 
  • Understanding that your ego is not your amigo – Kim knew she was starting at ground zero so she had to shut her pie hole and learn from the people that were successful
  • Consistently showing up, even when you’re not making sales
  • Understanding that it was going to take a long time to make a decent income

If you have more questions about network marketing, DM Kim on Instagram. She loves to brainstorm and reverse engineer people’s goals.


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