177: Fri-Date | La Dolce Vita

Sep 13, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Our life in Italy

This episode comes to you from a cafe in the middle of a street in Florence, Italy. We’re loving life here so much that we’re actually looking into coming back to live here long-term.

This is how our day goes. We wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. And then we walk out on our balcony and we’re on the top floor of this palazzo and we can see the Duomo and Santa Croce. We stroll Sophia down to school, which is about a mile away. Everybody walks here. It’s a pedestrian friendly city with bicycles, scooters and people walking down the street, so one mile is nothing. 

As soon as you get out on the cobblestone streets, you’re hit with the sounds and the smells of Florence. The Italians are bicycling to work and they’re beautifully dressed and they’re ringing their little bicycle bell so they don’t kill you when they come by. But there’s no rush here. Italians get up and they walk to the cafe. And they stand at the counter and they chat and sip their espresso. They talk and communicate with the people around them and no-one walks around staring at their cell phone. People look you in the eye and say good morning. Parents aren’t working and grinding all day and coming home exhausted. 

In the US we used to get up on a Sunday and drown ourselves in mimosas, eat some sort of eggs for brunch and watch YouTube videos about Italy. We were bored. Yesterday it was Sunday and here in Florence we went to see Machiavelli, Dante and Leonardo. We walked the city and we had the best gelato ever.

Feeling inspired by our travel talk? Check out the episode to hear more about our life in Italy and why we’re loving it so much.


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