185: Fri-Date | Stupid Idea Time

Oct 11, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: What we’ve learnt in the last 15 years

Today we’re backing it up to when Kim and I first met 15 years ago. I was a chiropractor in a small town outside of Atlanta working six days a week and hating it. I auditioned for a TV show in LA. I got the part but, even though my dream was to live on the West Coast, I didn’t take it because I was in love with Kim (we weren’t even dating yet!) So now we are nine days away from landing in LA and heading to our house in Hermosa. 

I wanted to get out of the chiropractic business so I hired this coach who said, okay, you want to retire. So why don’t you open 10 offices over the next 10 years, sell them for X amount of dollars and then you can have that in the bank and live off that money? That’s what this guy did. And it could be a great plan for somebody, but for someone that hates the one office that they have, having 10 of them just seems like crazy pants.

So in some ways the coach provided a solution within the framework in which I provided but where I think he and I both went wrong was not listening to that small voice inside of me that was saying, I’m not happy, and if I’m not happy doing this, why would I be happy 10xing it? However I was afraid to step into a world that I knew nothing about because being a chiropractor was all I knew. And so I just continued to force it. I wish that I had trusted my gut and said, this isn’t for me and I need to move on. I probably spent five years spinning my wheels, spending a shit ton of money and getting nowhere. I was always waiting for the one nugget of advice that was going to help me open the 10 offices but I wasn’t actually interested in doing it.

My goal was to be able to have some sort of income coming in, to move to California and live a different life and not be a chiropractor anymore. But there are many different paths to our goals. So if your gut is telling you this is not the way and you’re coming up against many obstacles, there’s a massive possibility that this is not the path for you. 

We love to travel so before Work Hard Play Hard we decided to buy camera equipment and mics and all this stuff and start our own travel show called Jet Set Life. We went everywhere. We have 3 million YouTube views. We had a podcast about it. It was amazing. It was crazy. We were selling guidebooks for selling fitness programs. And then one day we made zero dollars, and we couldn’t make another dollar in that company. So that’s an example of something we were insanely passionate about but we could not make into a legit real business. 

But all of those years of shooting the shows and making those connections around the world has led us to exactly to where we are now, creating experiences for entrepreneurs through Work Hard Play Hard. 

So the top lessons we’ve learned over the last 15 years are:

  1. Listen to your gut
  2. Create massive clarity around what you want
  3. Don’t be afraid to ideate (play stupid idea time)

So do the work to find your end goal. There are so many paths to get to where you want to go. It’s not just the path that you chose when you were 18 years old, and you decided to get your major in college. You need support, you need clarity, and sometimes you need a group of people to throw ideas around and to see what sticks.

By the time this recording goes up our virtual mastermind will be officially launched. It’s already half full. So go to workhardplayhard90.com if you are game to check it out. We are going to be walking you through 90 days of action-oriented masterminding using the exact strategies that we use to accomplish our goals. You’ll also get an ideation (or stupid idea time) session with Kim.


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