187: Fri-Date | Throwing Your Cappuccino at the Universe

Oct 18, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Celebrating small wins and moving past setbacks

Sometimes we humans get so caught up in the process of achieving our goals that we don’t celebrate the small wins along the way. We also have a tendency to get caught up in setbacks and drama. 

One year we were in Italy but, instead of enjoying our break, in the evenings I was reviewing reports from the chiropractic clinic and Kim was doing the billing. We were mad at whatever fire was happening back in Atlanta, and we weren’t able to truly appreciate and celebrate what we did do well that year that led to us being able to even have the trip to Italy.

As we’re moving into the last quarter of 2019, sit down with your significant other and think about the breaks you would love to carve into 2020. There’s never a time when you’re done with all the things you have to do. So make a decision and build in those breaks.

Right now we have our mastermind members en route to Florence. What we’ve designed for them is exactly perfect for what they should be doing here, but we’ve had plenty of drama and setbacks along the way. (Like meeting with someone who didn’t want to talk about money, then came back with a budget like Jay-Z’s wedding budget.) In those moments you cannot crumble and you have to see the bigger picture. 

So celebrate the wins daily, big and small, and train your brain and your body to know that failure is leading you to something better. The universe is working for you even when you want to throw your cappuccino at it.

As well as our in-person mastermind, we’ve created a virtual mastermind for people that just don’t have the ability to get on a plane and come out to a mastermind right now. It’s 90 days of action. We are going to help you take massive action and create massive momentum. We are keeping this first group super small and the mastermind super affordable. And by the time this episode comes out, it’s possibly sold out because it was 50% sold out before we even publicly launched. So if you’re down for joining the virtual mastermind, go to workhardplayhard90.com. And if it is sold out, don’t worry.  There’ll be another one in 90 days.


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