195: Fri-Date | Open Loop Syndrome

Nov 14, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Learning to work together

Kim says I have a disease called Open Loop Syndrome. Anyone who has read the book Getting Things Done by Robert Allen will know his system for checking items off your list so they don’t pop up in your brain all the time and stop you from focusing. Kim agrees that this is a good system for managing tasks and helps us to be more productive but says that sometimes we need to sit with bigger decisions for a while so we can properly think them through. I do have a tendency to miss some steps in a task because I’m determined to get it off my plate.

We’re always looking to take working together, living together, playing together, having a family together and building businesses together to the next level. But we’re two different people with two different brains and two different astrological signs so that means that we have to come up with ways of working that suit us both. We don’t try to make each other feel wrong, even if we passionately disagree with something.  We look for solutions to make each other happier.

In this episode we talk about me only sending Kim one email per day so she can take care of any action items without feeling overwhelmed. We also discuss how Kim’s recently changed her Monday morning to prioritize how she needs to start the week. When we have coffee in the morning Kim says it’s a little like a firing squad because I come up with a lot of action items. So she decided she’s skipping coffee with me on Mondays to do yoga, meditation and journaling. We really live our shared life by the motto ‘Your need is my need’. 

I’ve been using The Push Journal for three years but Kim’s just really started with it. She says that when you’re building a business, sometimes your list of things to do is so big and overwhelming that you sit down and you do nothing. With the journal she can break massive, overwhelming tasks down into tiny tasks, do three of them in a day, and know that she’s made progress on her goal. We love The Push Journal so much that every member of our virtual mastermind is using it and we’ve also become affiliates for it.

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