#20: Maximizing Business Success: The Three Essential Categories You Need to Know

May 16, 2023 | Blog, Next Chapter, Podcast

Having self-awareness is an essential component for achieving success in business expansion and your hiring process. Today, we will be discussing the three fundamental categories that one must consider – the artist, entrepreneur, and manager – each contributing unique qualities to the business. The artist is committed to delivering top-quality work, while the entrepreneur is focused on maximizing profits, and the manager ensures seamless operations and systems.

It’s vital for business owners to recognize their natural strengths and leverage them so they can hire those who will complement their abilities. This way you can ensure a successful expansion of your business. Tune in for specific examples and practical tips on these three categories.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[2:59] What are the definitions of artistry?
[4:39] The importance of having an expansion plan.
[6:33] If that wasn’t there if it was just efficient, nobody would be there.
[8:09] Getting clarity on fun hobbies, relationship, romance and vision.

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