202: Jordan Harbinger | Juvenile Wiretapping To Social Dynamics Extraordinaire (12 Days of Christmas Best of Show replays)

Dec 2, 2019 | Podcast



Welcome to the Work Hard Play Hard 12 Days of Christmas countdown! We’re approaching the end of the year and getting focused on our goals and what we want to do in 2020, so I’m replaying the interviews that I think have had the most impact. 

This episode is with Jordan Harbinger, master interviewer and human dynamics guru. Jordan spent 11 years building his former podcast and business, The Art of Charm. Then his business partners fired him and his team. 

Jordan says getting fired from The Art of Charm was the best thing that ever happened to him. It forced him to reevaluate his priorities and showed him the real assets of a business. He lost the email list, website and all the web traffic, but his business partners couldn’t take Jordan’s personal brand or the relationships he had built with his fans, his team and the people in his network. Jordan’s team joined him to create a new podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show. Many of them even worked for free or half-pay to get it up and running and The Jordan Harbinger Show is now an incredibly successful podcast.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [1:15] Jordan’s youth + how wiretapping played a huge roll 
  • [9:21] What The Art of Charm is + how it began 
  • [12:10] What leaving The Art of Charm taught Jordan
  • [24:26] What makes a good podcaster
  • [27:49] The change over the years for Jordan’s mindset towards podcasting 
  • [32:19] How growth happened for The Jordan Harbinger Show
  • [34:26] Podcast routines that keep Jordan functioning at a high level
  • [36:44] Finding rapport with guests that just aren’t clicking 
  • [39:10] Podcasts that have impacted Jordan
  • [41:31] In-person vs. behind the mic
  • [44:30] Play Hard with Jordan Harbinger
  • [49:55] Rapid Fire

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