203: Lewis Howes | Radical Honesty: From Stealing to Greatness (12 Days of Christmas Best of Show replays)

Dec 3, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast



Welcome to the Work Hard Play Hard 12 Days of Christmas countdown! We’re approaching the end of the year and getting focused on our goals and what we want to do in 2020, so I’m replaying the interviews that I think have had the most impact. 

This episode is with my friend Lewis Howes. Lewis is an entrepreneur, author, and host of the podcast,The School of Greatness. Lewis talks candidly about the childhood experiences that had a major impact on his life, his philosophy to do the best he can to be in integrity with his word and what happened after he revealed his biggest secret. 

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [4:00] Growing up with religion + its impact
  • [8:21] Blue Zones
  • [17:00] How getting caught stealing led Lewis to a new path 
  • [25:19] Opening up and being honest
  • [29:01] Lewis’s father’s accident
  • [32:45] The School of Greatness podcast
  • [36:20] Beliefs that have changed 
  • [43:35] What people disagree with that Lewis does 
  • [48:12] How Lewis plays hard, no work involved
  • [55:00] The Summit of Greatness 

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