206: Tracy O’Malley | Queen of Tough Love + Transformation (12 Days of Christmas Best of Show replays)

Dec 6, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Welcome to the Work Hard Play Hard 12 Days of Christmas countdown! We’re approaching the end of the year and getting focused on our goals and what we want to do in 2020, so I’m replaying the interviews that I think have had the most impact. 

This interview is with my friend Tracy O’Malley. Tracy is a world-renowned recovery coach who has helped thousands of women recover from addiction and thousands more address the feeling of overwhelm that causes them to look for an escape from their daily stress and anxiety.

Tracy’s badass journey has a lot of ups and downs – from an abusive childhood to multiple business successes to hitting rock bottom through her own struggles with addiction and pulling herself back up.

If you find yourself connecting to Tracy’s story, understand that you’re not alone on this journey; there is appropriate help out there, and there are so many different ways to reframe your experiences, do some soul surgery, and rebuild yourself.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [6:17] Alcohol on Tracy’s childhood
  • [16:50] The Irish identity
  • [20:18] The impact of Tracy’s alcoholism on her children + her recovery
  • [23:50] Saying goodbye to her dad
  • [28:13] How watching Oprah helped Tracy cope with her dysfunctional household
  • [31:52] Rebuilding a belief system after childhood trauma
  • [35:46] Living in truth and vulnerability
  • [41:21] How your environment is stronger than your willpower

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