209: Shawn Stevenson | Sleep Better For Better Health (12 Days of Christmas Best of Show replays)

Dec 9, 2019 | Interviews, Podcast


Welcome to the Work Hard Play Hard 12 Days of Christmas countdown! We’re approaching the end of the year and getting focused on our goals and what we want to do in 2020, so I’m replaying the interviews that I think have had the most impact. 

This is a replay of my episode with best-selling author, fellow podcaster and sleep and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson. 

Shawn was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in his early 20s. The doctor told him there was no cure and, six weeks later, Shawn found himself with chronic debilitating pain. 2.5 years later he decided he had to make a decision to change his life and started researching nutrition and wellness. Today he’s in better shape than ever and helps others create the body and life that they want.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [4:05] How Shawn grew up: from suburbia to the inner city streets
  • [9:10]  What it’s like being biracial for Shawn
  • [11:14] Being diagnosed with degenerative joint disorder
  • [24:32] Why sleep became so important to Shawn
  • [35:16] Sleeping smarter vs. sleeping more
  • [42:55] Tips on how to change your routine for better sleep
  • [47:16] Shawn’s reasoning behind the name of his podcast, The Model Health Show
  • [50:15] Staying present when your mind is going in so many directions
  • [54:19] What chunking is + why Shawn does it
  • [57:10] Play Hard with Shawn
  • [1:02:42] Rapid fire with Shawn
  • [1:04:28] Rob’s fear around the move to L.A.

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