213: Fri-Date | Know Your Worth and Overdeliver

Dec 13, 2019 | Fridate, Podcast

A lot of people think they’re going to put a product out into the world and make a million dollars, and we’re here to tell you it doesn’t always work like that!

There is an excellent book we recommend called Go Giver and it’s all about creating stratospheric success through giving and making an impact. 

Here’s our take on the important principles in business:

  • Your income is determined by how many people you help and how much you help them. So if you want to achieve your goals, help others achieve their goals by putting their interests first.
  • Figure out what people need. This involves building an audience before you create a product and asking people what they need (within the parameters of what you want to offer).
  • Know your worth and overdeliver. You need to really wow the people that you work with and deliver a ton of value. But you also need to charge for your product or service because there has to be reciprocity.


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