220: Lindsey Mango | Tapping Into the Power of Anger To Make a Change

Jan 6, 2020 | Interviews, Podcast

Three years ago Lindsey Mango quit her corporate job to go all-in on her life coaching business, a move that has absolutely paid off. But before that she had some lessons to learn. As she says, she tried to stay the victim and make excuses for why she couldn’t do the stuff she wanted. Until one day when she looked in the mirror and was thought, this is on you. That come-to-Jesus moment led to her current reality – newly married, living in California, and having the life she always dreamt about. 

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [4:23] How it felt when Lindsey quit her corporate job
  • [10:26] Realizing she was the reason she didn’t have the life she wanted
  • [13:03] Growing up as the daughter of a famous gymnast
  • [18:21] Surrounding yourself with people that are going to push you to new heights
  • [21:51] Choosing between jealousy or being uplifted by someone else’s success
  • [24:43] The pros + cons of having a network marketing business
  • [30:45] Ferociously protecting your time
  • [34:30] Lindsey’s social media tips
  • [38:04] Staying in your zone of genius
  • [49:19] Rapid fire


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