231: Fri-Date | Surrender your goal and enjoy the journey

Feb 14, 2020 | Fridate, Podcast

Today’s Topic: Enjoying the journey instead of stressing over your goals

There’s a paradox with highly successful people: The bigger the goal, the bigger their desire, the more stress, anxiety, and unhappiness they have. I’ve dealt with this myself. I have a lot on my plate, and it can be stressful. Kim has been reading these Gabby Bernstein books lately, and this led to me uncovering the challenges I have around goal-setting. And what Gabby introduced me to is the concept of surrender. We’re going to talk about how surrendering control of your goals can not only help you remain happier but maybe even accomplish your goals faster.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:53] Uncovering the challenges I had around goalsetting
  • [08:14] Trusting in a higher power knowing what’s good for you
  • [12:19] Not taking the path you set out on
  • [15:38] Balancing action towards a goal and surrendering control
  • [18:03] Following the guide
  • [21:13] Going back to love


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