260: Chris Powell | Business Lessons From a Fitness Icon

May 25, 2020 | Interviews, Podcast


Chris Powell is best known for his many years on the television show Extreme Weight Loss. We had his wife, Heidi Powell, on the show a few weeks ago and we went deep on their backstory — their marriage, how they started their business, and the start of the television show — so we don’t go into that this time. Instead, we switch gears to talk about Chris’ new workout app. There’s nothing else out there that does what this workout app does. Right now, as we’re all working from home, struggling with mental health, and trying to figure out a way to work out, this app can get you most of the way there when it comes to your body, your diet, your hydration, and your mental attitude. You have got to check it out.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [08:11] How the Transform app works
  • [11:35] What makes Transform different from other apps
  • [15:06] How losing weight is like playing poker with your body.
  • [22:53] The business decisions and process behind developing the app
  • [30:58] The things people get wrong about Chris Powell
  • [33:44] Changing thoughts on parenting
  • [35:20] Renewing your why

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