266: David Bayer | The Exact Strategies To Rewire Your Brain For Unstoppable Success

Jun 15, 2020 | Interviews, Podcast


David Bayer is an expert in mindset and business strategy, with Success Magazine calling him “the leading expert on the next evolution in mindset,” and I can see why. He has a very different approach to personal development, with a particular balance of hustle, fulfillment, and spirituality. This episode taught me how to step back and realize that things are aligning for me just the way they are supposed to — not how I think they are supposed to. We dig into what it was like living in Italy, how he spearheaded the online strategy for Ducati motorcycles, and how he developed his unique perspective towards personal growth.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:33] Growing up in Laguna Hills
  • [09:13] How working for an Italian brand differs from American brands
  • [14:03] Getting caught up in comparison with others
  • [19:08] Porn addiction and negative consequences
  • [22:05] Discovering Buddhism through “Awaken the Buddha Within”
  • [26:57] Reframing challenges in our lives
  • [31:46] Allowing yourself to live in the present moment
  • [38:22] Surrendering to what you can’t control
  • [43:39] The process for changing your mind
  • [53:12] What people often get wrong about David Bayer

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