294: Heidi Powell | Conscious Uncoupling: Advice For Navigating Divorce with Love

Oct 12, 2020 | Interviews, Podcast

Heidi Powell, along with her ex-husband, Chris Powell, dominated the television show ABC’s Extreme Makeover… but that’s not what this episode is about. Instead, we’re going to talk about the subject of divorce because it’s a reality in many people’s lives, and Heidi is managing to do it in a beautiful, elegant, and soulful way. Like everything in life, there is a strategy for dealing with divorce. If you’re finding yourself in a heated situation or know of anyone that is, Heidi’s advice and experience is going to be invaluable to you.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:31] How Heidi’s life has changed since the last interview
  • [08:05] Making the decision to end a marriage and how to pivot mentally
  • [16:10] When your relationship shifts from romance to business
  • [21:46] The most challenging part of dealing with divorce
  • [26:18] Noticing where there are stigmas around vulnerability
  • [36:21] Remaining positive in light of divorce
  • [41:30] Re:Mind with Heidi




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