323: Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos | Learn How Reverse Aging May Get You Living Past 100

Jan 25, 2021 | Interviews, Podcast

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Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos is the hottest reverse-aging MD on the planet. He is a master in the mechanics of what makes us age, and how to not only extend the length of our life but the quality of our life—and even reversing the damage that’s already been done by the aging process. If you’re interested in all things anti-aging, reverse-aging, peptides, and nutraceuticals, we get into all of that. We even have a discussion on life extension by freezing yourself and offloading your brain in the cloud—a seemingly sci-fi concept that may be closer to reality than many people realize.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [03:50] The definition of anti-aging and age reversal and how they work
  • [10:08] Working with your senolytic cells to stop the aging process
  • [15:27] The exponential possibilities of age extension
  • [18:39] Uploading your consciousness to the cloud
  • [20:45] What we can learn from blue zones
  • [26:34] The pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy
  • [37:15] What peptides are and when you should take them
  • [42:54] What to look for to proactively live a healthier life


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