337: Fri-Date | Discover How Your Environment Can Become An All Out Assault On Your Senses

Mar 19, 2021 | Fridate, Podcast

We’ve made the decision to move to Italy. We’re not sure when, but the decision has been made. When we moved from Atlanta to California we became different people who live different lives. And we started to think about how our lives would be different when we move to Italy. Wherever you are in life, your dreams will always be changing — and that’s okay. We talk about the thought process behind the move, why we don’t regret living in California, and how we’re laying the groundwork for our future.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [02:01] Making the decision to move to Italy
  • [04:08] How we are different people in different places
  • [09:42] Finding the difference between two places you love
  • [14:11] Getting lost in work versus living your life
  • [21:03] Being a global citizen
  • [24:34] How the environment you’re in dictates how you behave
  • [30:25] Looking at your life differently


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About Us

Ciao! We’re Rob & Kim. Over the past two-decades we’ve lived by one motto, “Excuses are over. it’s time to live!”

In August of 2021, we put our motto to the test, sold everything and moved our family to Italy.