344. Shloime Zionce Teaches Us the Truth about Being a Hasidic Jew

Apr 12, 2021 | Interviews, Podcast

YouTube video

Shloime Zionce is a Hasidic Jew who travels around the world spreading love and teaching people about Judaism… and he just might be your new favorite YouTube channel. He answers my deepest personal questions about the culture of Hasidic Judaism and shows me where I was right and where I was completely off base. In a world where people don’t understand each other, this is an incredible opportunity to begin to understand something that’s likely quite different from your own life.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [04:31] How Hasidic Judaism is regular from standard Judaism
  • [08:57] True or false rumors about Judaism
  • [15:21] Why Shloime chooses not to watch TV or movies
  • [18:51] How gay people are treated in the Hasidic community
  • [21:50] What sparked the travel bug within Shloime
  • [24:58] Finding the last Jew in Afghanistan
  • [28:41] Shaking up your understanding of the world
  • [33:48] Bridging the lack of communication


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