347. Fri-Date: How We Bend Time To Get Twice As Much Done

Apr 23, 2021 | Fridate, Podcast

What do you want? It’s not as easy as you’d think to answer the question. I talk a lot about the importance of clarity. I hit that point even harder, here. I used to feel guilty for wanting to move to Italy when I spent so long dreaming of and working hard to move to California. The truth is, I was always just getting clearer and clearer on what my vision actually was. Once you find that vision, not of a vacation or a one-off event, but of what your life looks like on, say, a future random Tuesday — you’re able to picture it clearly and you’ll be amazed at how fast things start coming together.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [03:24] Why my podcast with Tiffany Carter is blowing up
  • [12:14] My vision of living in Italy
  • [16:21] How clarity of your vision accelerates action
  • [20:53] Creating a vision for your life based on the why
  • [25:25] Why it’s okay to change your mind
  • [31:19] Finding the thing you’ve always been drawn to


  • ProjectME with Tiffany Carter: Money, Luxury Lifestyle, and Major Success: The Real Deal around “Having it All,” with Guest, Rob Murgatroyd, Top Podcast Host and Success Coach EP296
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