359. Use These Three Principles to Preemptively Cut Off Arguments in Your Relationship

Jun 4, 2021 | Fridate, Podcast

When Kim and I met, we were both fresh out of awful marriages. Once we got together, we knew we had to make sure that, this time, things would be different. We vowed to start the work necessary to become better people and better partners before we ran into problems in our relationship. We learned a lot about how to handle conflict, so today, I’m going to share the three principles we use to cut off arguments before they even happen. If you do the work, these will drastically improve your relationship.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [05:13] Seeking self-development before shit hits the fan
  • [14:35] Crafting a vision and going after it as a couple
  • [16:23] Asking for what they want
  • [21:03] Men need to empty
  • [26:28] Women need to fill up
  • [31:40] Not dying on that hill
  • [37:31] Allowing your partner to be who they are



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