390. Jon Levy Shares the SECRET Behind Cultivating Connection & Influence

Oct 18, 2021 | Interviews, Podcast

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Jon Levy is the creator of The Influencers Dinner, a gathering of thought leaders and tastemakers from different industries where they are not allowed to discuss their profession or share their last name. We all hide behind our identities, but by pulling all of that back you start to get to the core of who people really are. These dinners are legendary, and they have become one of the most fascinating social experiments out there. He talks about growing up in Manhattan and how his experience influenced the kind of work he does today.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:35] How Jon’s parents informed how he views relationships
  • [15:26] The power of connection
  • [22:05] Launching an imperfect product
  • [30:26] Finding connection beyond disagreement
  • [35:57] Separating what you do from your identity




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