403. 5 Life Lessons We’ve Learned from 3 Months in Italy

Dec 10, 2021 | Fridate

We’re currently three months into our journey of living in Florence. We celebrated this immense milestone – as you do – by going to the local government office to update our visas and secure permission to stay. For the podcast, though, we wanted to mark the occasion with something a little more fun. 

In this episode, we share five things, lessons, learnings, or just interesting facts, about life in Italy and what we’ve learned over these three months. We appreciate you being around for this ride, and know you’ll find value in these diverse, new, and uniquely challenging experiences, as we have.


In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [01:55] What we’ve learned in our first three months in Italy
  • [03:43] Beauty and madness in Italian bureaucracy
  • [06:58] The importance of trust in Italy
  • [12:13] Loving life
  • [16:19] The seasonality and variety of Italian food 
  • [21:41] The superstition of “Il colpo d’aria”




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