411. Creating the Mindset Required to Do the Impossible with Katie Spotz

Jan 17, 2022 | Interviews, Podcast

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What Katie Spotz has accomplished defies all logic. In fact, while researching for this interview, I had to double and triple-check my sources just to be sure. Katie is a world-class endurance athlete who has shattered world records and defied the impossible on more than one occasion. Her list of accomplishments is so long I couldn’t even begin to share them all here. She’s run five Ironman triathlons, cycled across the country from Seattle to Washington D.C., run 100 miles nonstop, and swam the entire length of a 325-mile river. We talk about the mindset it takes to accomplish challenges of this ilk and how important it is to have a strong why to keep you going when you’re about to give up.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [02:01] What an endurance athlete is
  • [04:00] What inspired Katie to attempt cycling from Seattle to DC
  • [08:55] Pushing through the pain
  • [14:04] The desire to push through boundaries and see what’s possible
  • [20:44] Mentally preparing for the impossible
  • [27:44] The injuries you expose yourself to doing endurance sports
  • [31:00] What drew Katie to becoming a coast guard
  • [33:18] Why Katie is passionate about access to clean water
  • [35:48] Rapid fire questions



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