415. Navigating the Unique Struggles of a Family Enterprise with Paul Attia

Jan 31, 2022 | Interviews, Podcast

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Paul Attia is a trial lawyer, family business advisor, and an executive in his own family’s enterprise. Working as a litigator for nearly fifteen years has provided him ringside seats to the results of poor decision making. In the courtroom, Paul saw the process often as a person at the bottom of a cliff, catching those who have already jumped. However, as an advisor to family businesses and enterprises, Paul works with each member to help them identify, grasp, and distill the issues at play, and works to guide them to their desired outcomes. We talk about his upbringing, his history working in his own family business, and why it’s important to walk into situations assuming you haven’t figured it all out.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [02:11] Being the child of an immigrant
  • [09:02] How debating ideas bring about progress
  • [12:58] Fighting for what’s right instead of what your client wants
  • [21:23] Working in the family business
  • [26:11] Helping families navigate difficult conversations
  • [45:52] Remaining open-minded and not making assumptions
  • [54:09] Navigating work-life balance 
  • [01:14:22] Making lasting change by sticking to one thing at a time



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