421. Discovering the Secrets to Memorizing Anything with Memory Champion Nelson Dellis

Feb 21, 2022 | Interviews, Podcast

When you hear the word “athlete,” you think of professional sports, or maybe your high school glory days. But, feats of mental athletics can be just as impressive. My guest today, Nelson Dellis, a world champion Grandmaster of Memory, is going to blow your mind. Yes, that’s a real thing! He teaches us that, like any muscle, your memory can be trained. We talk about the secrets to recalling absurd amounts of information, how to access different parts of your memory, and memorizing names at parties.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [02:59] Multinational upbringing
  • [04:51] What automated reasoning is
  • [06:58] Getting into competitive memory
  • [13:01] Memorizing 178 digits in five minutes
  • [22:54] What a memory champion struggles to remember
  • [26:21] What a “memory palace” is and how it works
  • [29:56] Different types of memories and how to access them
  • [37:17] Memorizing every name at a party



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